Google's solution to the password problem: Yubico

We all know that password aren’t secure. People are bad at selecting secure password. We often use the same password for multiple sites. And sometimes, hackers can easily obtain your password through social engineering.
Well, Google believes that they have a solution to the problem. It is a very small USB authentication device called Yubico.
Using a slightly modified version of Chrome, when a user slides the tiny Yubico card into a USB port, the PC will automatically log them into their Google Account. The protocol that Google is using on the small USB device is website independent and software free apart from requiring your browser to support the hardware login method. This could potentially remove the need for long and complex password.
But honestly, I’m not a fan of this. You’ll most likely end up losing the tiny Yubico USB authentication device. And there might be a chance that you leave it at home and forget to bring it out. And worst of all…. since it is so small, there is a high chance that people will just leave the Yubico in their USB port. And if they lose their laptop, it’s as good as give the finder full access to your Google account.
Password is really a big issue. I think we need to come up with better way to securely login to web service. But I don’t think this Yubico is the way to go. Sorry Google.

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