Review of Singapore's first online rally by SDA part 2

So the Singapore Democratic Alliance released their second online rally video a few hours after the first. I guess I should review it too. I shall keep this entry short. Some of the things were mentioned in my previous blog entry so I’ll try my best not to repeat.
Do check out my blog entry regarding the first video.

0:00: Same intro as the first video. Good to be consistant here.
0:11: It would be good if there is an annotation to link to the first video. Likewise, it would be good to add an annotation at the end of the first video to link people to this video.
0:15: Wait. Where are the questions coming in from? This video is pre-recorded before the release of the first video right? Then how do you managed to get the questions?
0:52: Studio? What studio?
0:55: If this is a question and answer session, it would be good if the camera can zoom out and show both the interviewer and interviewee in the same room.
1:10: You say you are excited to address us but you don’t sound excited.
2:00: What’s up with all the weird hand gestures?
2:23: Is this still part of the answer to “Why go online”? If no, then perhaps it would be good to put it into another video. Or have the interviewer ask a new question so that you can transit into the new topic smoothly.
2:32: Seriously, the video editing is very distracting. What’s up with cutting just 1 second? If the person made a mistake in the recording, just re-record the entire interview. All these editing just shows poor planning and laziness during recording.
3:41: Why is there a voice in the background? This is a pre-recorded video. Surely you can re-record that portion again if someone is talking in the background.
4:32: The hand gesture and eye level gives audiences the impression that the interviewee is seated at the lower corner of the screen. Why is he seated lower than the interviewer? This is weird.
5:05: Audio leveling please! Some people are listening to this using in-ear headphones
There is no point bragging that you are the first if that is a poor attempt.

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