Apple announced 128GB iPad with Retina display

We been hearing rumors of a 128GB iPad. Well, it is finally here. Apple just announced that they will be launching a 128GB version of the iPad with Retina display.
The 128GB version be available from 5 February 2013 in black or white and retail in the US at US$799 (Wifi) and US$929 (Wifi + 4G). We don’t have the Singapore launch date and pricing yet. For a reference, 64GB iPad is currently retailing at S$918 (Wifi) and S$1088 (Wifi + 4G). I’ll update this blog entry once I get pricing.
Personally, I don’t really need a 128GB iPad. I’m still doing well with my 32GB iPad. I guess 128GB will be great for those who want to store more video and music files on their iPad. Other than that, I don’t know why would anyone need such a large capacity iPad.
What will you store in your 128GB iPad?

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  1. An interesting move. 128GB are plenty for photographers and music lovers but I guess the average crowd isn’t going to spend this much. I’d recommend going for a smaller version – Let’s say 64GB.

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