Uber limousine service is now in Singapore

Uber is now in Singapore. We are the first country in Asia to get Uber. For the uninitiated, Uber is a premium on-demand limousine service based in San Francisco. Users just need a registered account with Uber and can book a limousine using the Uber app available on iOS and Android or via m.uber.com. The system will let you know the estimated arrival time and send you a text when the limousine arrives.
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Payment is automatically charged to the credit card tied to your account. The drivers that Uber engaged are fully-licensed local limo operators. Uber drivers have their own apps that handles booking, payment and receipts. And the end of the trip, both you and the driver get to rate each other. This system helps ensure that the driver Uber engage provides the best service and at the same time protect the drivers against rude/aggressive passengers. Cool. If only our local Taxi companies make giving feedback this easy.
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Basic fare for Uber in Singapore is S$7.00. After that, the company charge based on speed. When traveling above 18km/h, Uber charges S$2.25 per Kilometer. Below 18km/h, the charge is S$0.85 per minute. Minimum Fare per trip is S$12.00 and there’s no ERP charges for now.
In most cases, Uber charges will be slightly more expensive than booking a Taxi in Singapore. But that’s what you pay for a premium service.
I haven’t tried using Uber to book for a limousine yet. But whenever I use the app, it seems like the drivers are mostly hanging around the town area. Which means if I need a limousine from my ulu Jurong West house, I’ll most likely need to wait up to 30 minutes. Maybe things will improve when Uber get more drivers onboard. It seems like they only have less than 10 drivers in Singapore currently. I might be wrong but I usually see only 5 to 7 limousines available whenever I use the app.
Uber entering Singapore will not be a threat to the Taxi companies in Singapore. But those providing limousine service might need to press the panic button.
PS: Do follow Uber Singapore on Twitter and Tweet your Uber experience with the hashtag #UberOnLah.
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