Best of Super Bowl 2013 Advertisements

I love watching the advertisements from the Super Bowl. They have some of the most creative advertisements around.
BlackBerry did a good job showing what BlackBerry 10 can’t do in 30 seconds. Toyota’s Wish Granted is pretty cool too although the concept is not new. I love M&M’s whisper fight too.
But my favorite is the Audi Prom. Indeed bravery wins. Unfortunately the girl didn’t leave the prom with the guy. But that was a good one. Totally worth getting punched.
Anyway, here are some of the best advertisements from Super Bowl 2013. I might have missed out some good ones. Do let me know which one is your favorite.
BlackBerry – What BlackBerry 10 CAN’T Do

Samsung – Next Big Thing

Audi – Prom

Hyundai – Gaspocalyse

Toyota – Wish Granted

Coke – Coke Chase

Pepsi NEXT – Party

M&M’s – Love Ballad

OREO – Whisper Fight

Oh and can someone tell Wonderful Pistachios that PSY is so 2012? Really…..
Wonderful Pistachios – Get Crackin’

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