Typing "File:///" will crash your Mac application

Here is a neat trick for all those on MacOS Mountain Lion.
Go to any application and type “File:///” (Without the quotes and Capital F) Make sure you save your stuff first.
Shortly after typing the 3rd “/”, the application will crash. In fact, it is so bad that even the Mac error reporter will crash. Actually not all applications will be affected. Only applications that uses NSTextFields will crash.
Apple has been informed about this bug and it will most likely be fixed in the future. But since this is not a critical bug, there is nothing to worry about. What’s the chances of anyone typing “File:///”?
If you are interested in finding out more about the bug, The Next Web did a very comprehensive write up on the bug.
So between now till Apple fix the bug, it would be fun if you can trick your friends to type this on their Mac. Just make sure you don’t cause them to lose any data in the process.

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