Kim Jong-un uses a HTC Phone

North Korea never fail to amaze me. A recent photo of Kim Jong-Un at a national defense meeting show that he might be using a Smartphone.
The phone is most likely his since it is closest to him. South Korea intelligence agency analysed the photo and concluded that it is a HTC phone, most likely the latest HTC Butterfly. Impressive. Kim Jong-un really know his stuff and gotten the latest and the best phone from the Taiwan phone maker.
I’m rather surprised that Kim Jong-un didn’t go for a Huawei or ZTE phone given North Korea’s close relationship with China. It’s a pity that Kim Jong-un can’t use smartphone by Apple or Samsung. But well, HTC Butterfly is a good phone too.
And yes, North Korea have cellular service. Mobile phones were introduced in 2008 through a joint venture with the Egyptian telecom firm Orascom. In fact, recent records shows that the country have more than 1.5 million people subscribed to cellular service. But these are mostly the elites who are carefully screened.
I wonder what apps is the dictator using on his phone. And does he use Facebook, Twitter or WeiBo?
Meanwhile, HTC declined to identify the device but said in a statement that the company appreciated the “support of all users”.

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