Sony Xperia Z water resistant test

I just received the Sony Xperia Z review unit yesterday. And like most bloggers, the first thing I did was to dunk it into water.

How often do you get to review a water resistant phone?
Just a disclaimer, the Sony Xperia Z water resistant level is IP 57. This means that when all the ports and covers are firmly closed, the phone can be kept under 1 meter of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. It is not intended to be used under water. Capacitive screen doesn’t work when underwater. But this is a good demo to show you the water resistant feature. You don’t need to worry when caught in the rain or accidentally pour water on it.
All phones should have this feature.
OK, I’m going back to my annual Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning. Will blog more about the Xperia Z later.


  1. Hello,
    You know this is something that I really need when I am out in the field where there is cell coverage. The waterproofing part I understand. What I really want to know is this phone drop resistant. And while you are it. Do test out the tactile response. I find touch screen phones are a hassle to use in the field.
    So just two things.
    Darkness 2013
    Btw. Happy CNY.

  2. Hi,
    I’m really looking forward to having a play on the Xperia Z. It’s released in the UK (and the rest of Europe I think) on 28th Feb. Don’t think I would have the cojones to dunk mine in a jar of water though.. IP57 certified or not its a £500 bit of kit!!
    @Drkness 2013 – the phone is made with a glass-fibre polyamide similar to what they use in car manufacturing. It also has a shock resistant coating on its front and back, so yeah, ‘should’ be drop resistant.

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