Bang With Friends Facebook App

Bang With Friends is an App that anonymously hook users up with their Facebook friends.
The App is very simple. You sign in with your Facebook account. The App shows you the profile pictures and names of your friends in a Pinterest like interface. All you need to do is to select the Friend that you would like to “bang”. They won’t know that you want to bang them unless they sign up and also state that they are interested in banging you. The App will email both parties if there is a match and the rest is up to them.
The creator of the App claim to have attracted 260,000 users in the first eight days and facilitated over 15,000 hookups.
OK, I know this Facebook App is slightly controversial. Although the App is supposed to be for quick hook up, I guess nothing is stopping you from using it to start a real relation. Just click on the profile of the friend that you are interested in. And if you get a match, maybe you two can sit down and have a good chat. Who knows, this may be a start to a new relationship.
Today is Valentine’s Day. Anything can happen. Right? Haha.

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