Disneyland is not coming to Singapore

There is a news article spreading around the internet saying that the Singapore Government is in talks with Walt Disney to build Disneyland at Marina East.
This is not true.
The article was published in 2006 by Lianhe Zaobao. That was before the 2 integrated resorts were announced. If I’m not mistaken, the plot of land that was intended for Disneyland is now Bay East Garden, part of Gardens By The Bay. I don’t think the Government is going to tear down a newly constructed Garden for Disneyland.
I don’t know who reposted this 7 year old news article. It seems like the first recent post is from ChannelNewsAsia Forum. Whatever it is, I just want to say that Disneyland is not coming to Marina East. I doubt there is any on going discussion between Singapore Government and Walt Disney.

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