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  1. CPF should return back to withdraw method of the previous system of withdrawing a lump sum at 55 years old, many people thought they can invest their own money, but the rule change, now it is unlikely in their lifetime they are able to get back their own money?
    It is people hard earn money, people had the right to decided how to use it as they like, they are old enough to handle their own money, many are thrifty know how to use their money, after spending many year working and saving their money in CPF, later found out they are unable to withdraw it, putting in the bank is better then putting in CPF, which you had little chances of taking it out in your their lifetime, which the retirement age kept increasing, the retirement age raising from 62 until 68 years, even then, every month you can only get few hundreds dollars.
    How many of them can live until 68 years, it should given the person option to withdraw as they like or they want to put in the CPF to get higher interest then the bank, it should be up to individual to decide, some individual may have good investments skill horn through the years and get much higher returns then putting their money in the CPF should be allow to withdraw their own money to invest on themselve and get higher returns?
    If the person consistently can proven they can earn more then 10 percent on their own money, they should be allow to withdraw their money by 55 year old the previous system, rather put inside the CPF to earn around 3 percents, it fair to the person who need funds to invest, and to take out their own money from CPF to invest?
    Why should it be kept in the CPF and get little interest, it is good for the government that the person has the abilities to get better returns withdraw their money, then putting in the CPF? And the government should happy to let the person to manage his own money?

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