Google recently released the most detailed map of North Korea to date with the help of “citizen cartographers”. The updated North Korea map now adds street names, monuments, parks, train stops and even prison camps.
Before this, the Google Map only show roads without street names due to the communist regime’s isolation. Google said a community of “citizen cartographers” started building the map in 2009 based on satellite images, public information and local knowledge using a tool called Map Maker that allows collaboration on maps through crowd-sourcing. The map is still not perfect and much more contributions are required.
The revision came just a few weeks after Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, made a personal visit to the country as part of nine-person delegation. Maybe he can also contribute to the crowd sourced map.
Too bad the North Korean can’t have access to the maps.

To welcome the year of the Snake, Shell announced a week of festive giveaways to lucky drivers at Shell stations across Singapore.
Customers who make a minimum S$50 purchase of Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave or Shell Diesel from 1 – 8 February 2013 will stand a chance to walk away with ang baos (Red Packets) filled with Shell fuel vouchers. Lucky drivers simply need to spot the God of Fortune and Shell V-Power girls at the selected station when they fill up for a chance to win. Check out Shell webpage for God of Fortune’s appearance timing.
Shell CNY Tampines Station
(OK, I know what some of you are thinking. But I warn you all lah, don’t criticize the look of Fortune God. Wait later he don’t go to your house this Chinese New Year then you know.)
Over eight consecutive days, the God of Fortune and Shell V-Power girls will be spreading prosperity and joy by giving away a total of S$8,000 in fuel vouchers at various selected Shell stations. This special festive giveaway is part of Shell’s Chinese New Year partnership with UOB, where drivers stand to win a total of S$150,000 in fuel vouchers over the festive season.
I know I’m a day late in posting this. I heard that they’ve given out more than $1000 on the first day. But don’t worry, you still got 7 days left. (or 6 1/2 days to be exact)

More than 250,000 Twitter users will be prompted to reset their Twitter password the next time they access Twitter. This is because Twitter detected a hacking attack on these account.
Hackers might have access to some Twitter users’ username, email address and encrypted/salted version of your password (not the actual letters and numbers in the password).
According to Twitter Director of Information Security, Bob Lord, the attack is not the work of amateurs hackers. It is extremely sophisticated and similar to recent attacks on other companies and organizations.
This is a good time for you to change your Twitter Password. If you reuse your password across several websites, it would be advisable to change them too.

It’s February. The month of Valentine’s Day. And Samsung will be celebrating the month of love and friendship with the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE LoveMobile event.
Visit the Samsung Mobile PIN just outside Ngee Ann City tomorrow (2 February 2013) between 11am to 7pm and be part of the first Singapore Book of Records attempt at the “Most Number of Personalised Messages Projected On A Screen”.
Participants will be issued a Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 LTE to create a personalised digital love declaration with their loved one. The message will be projected live on the big screen. What’s more, participants stands to win a Valentine’s Day dinner for two and an exclusive Mini ONE Stratford.
Visit for more info.