Microsoft Surface RT coming to Singapore

I think the folks at Microsoft Singapore and their PR are tired of me asking them when is the Microsoft Surface coming to Singapore. Yes, I’ve been asking them this question every time I see them. Well, we finally got the answer.
Microsoft Surface RT will be available in Singapore in the coming months. No exact date or pricing available yet. Also no news about Surface Pro coming to Singapore yet.
I’ve played with the Microsoft Surface RT for a short while. It is a very nice tablet. Great hardware and well build.
We purposely put the Microsoft Surface on the Microsoft PixelSense. Get the joke?
And if you are getting the Microsoft Surface, you must get the Type Cover keyboard too.
Besides Singapore, countries like Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and Taiwan will also be getting Surface RT in the coming months. Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom will be getting the Surface Pro in the coming months.

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