Went Gardens By The Bay for a photoshoot with a group of friends. Went Satay By The Bay for dinner and checked out Tree Tunes at Supertree Grove. Decided to call it a day because the sound system at Tree Tunes is pretty bad. So my friends took a ride home while I decided to walk to the MRT station.
That’s when something interesting happen. I’ve been to Gardens By The Bay several times. For some weird reason, I lost my way. But it is not a bad thing because I found this…
Spend almost 1/2 an hour shooting at that spot. And just when I was about to leave, I heard a familiar song in the distance. Johari Window by Plainsunset.

I didn’t know that Plainsunset is performing at Tree Tunes too. So I went back to check out their performance. Hey, it’s Plainsunset. They sound good even with bad sound system.


  1. Chin Leng: Wah. How come never see you. You never check your Facebook and Twitter ah? I was posting pictures of GBTB whole day 😛

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