IKEA Meatballs are back! $1 for 10 pieces only for today

IKEA Singapore will resume selling the popular meatballs today after DNA results by a local independent lab that confirms that meatballs sold locally contain only beef and pork, and the Halal-certified ones are made of beef and chicken.
To celebrate the return of the IKEA meatballs, IKEA Restaurants will be selling them at $1 for 10 pieces on 8 March 2013 (Today). That’s 10 cents a piece.
I bet the place is going to be crowded.
IKEA Singapore temporarily stopped the sales of the meatballs as a precautionary measure after horse meat were detected in the meatballs in Europe. But we all know that the meatballs in Singapore are safe since they are from a different supplier.

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