Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte

Starbucks recently launched a special treat for coffee lovers this “summer”. The Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte is a favorite classic latte with an Asian twist.
The Asian Dolce Latte comes with a standard double shot of espresso using dark-roasted Starbucks Espresso Roast layered against softly steamed milk and a specially developed dolce sauce that makes it distinctly local to the Asian palette. This is the first Starbucks beverage that comes with a standard double shot of espresso. From what I understand, this is because Asians like strong coffee.
And perhaps I should be reading the Press Release first before tasting it. I’m drinking the Asian Dolce Latte at 10pm on a weekday night. Perhaps not so advisable especially when you have a long day at work the next day. But if you need something to keep you awake in the afternoon, this might do the trick.
The Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte is available in Singapore from 5 March to 24 April 2013. And remember, Starbucks Card member can get the limited edition Starbucks Mini Card with purchase of 18 handcrafted beverages.

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