A rocky start for SimCity

The much anticipated SimCity got on to a rocky start this week. No, it wasn’t because someone decided to build the entire city using the cheap low density dirt road. Players are finding it difficult to gain access to the game due to high server volume. Some players reported experiencing more than 30 minute server queues just to get into the game after it was installed.
It’s like a traffic jam. Before you start solving the traffic jam in your City as mayor, you need to get past the “traffic jam” at the server queue.
The problem is because SimCity was not designed with an offline mode. Even if you decide to be a loner Mayor and just want to built your metropolitan alone, you still need to be connected to the server. Everyone seems to be blaming DRM for this. But it is not just DRM. The creator of SimCity believe that real cities do not exist in a bubble. Cities share a region and affect one another. Data like pollution, crime and depletion of resources from a player is send to the server to run the simulation at a regional scale. Every city in the region is updated every 3 minutes, which keeps the overall region in sync and makes a player’s decision in their city relevant to any changes that have taken place in the region.
While this realism makes SimCity gameplay more exciting, it is causing some frustration for the players. EA said in a recent blog post that they are working hard to resolve the issue. Server capacity has been increased by 120 percent and that resulted in a significant reduce in the number of disrupted experience. EA is still working on fixing the launch issue and we should expect them to solve the problem shortly.
To make up for the poor experience, EA will be giving a free PC download game from the EA portfolio to anyone with a copy of SimCity activated before 18 March.
I guess we’ll just need to be a bit patient. After all, we’ve been waiting for 10 years already. Why not spend this few more days offline with your loved ones since you will most likely lose them to SimCity when the game is running at 100%.

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