How many calories does a mouse click burn?

Ever wonder how many calories are does a mouse click burn? The answer, according to Convert Anything to Calories, is 1.42 calories.
That is actually quite a lot of calories for a simple mouse click. Just imagine the number of mouse clicks you perform everyday in office. The number is much higher for gamers, especially those playing real time strategy games. Professional gamers are known to reach 300 to 400 Action Per Minute during gameplay.
I’m not good at real time strategy games. But I guess First Person Shooter works fine too. I know it is nothing compared to running or cardio workouts. But it is better than nothing. If only there is a program that calculate the number of mouse click per day.
And if a mouse click burn 1.42 calories, I wonder how many calories does pressing a keyboard key burn.
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On a totally unrelated note, my Magic Mouse is spoilt again. Maybe I’ve been clicking too much.

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