I had the opportunity to go onboard the RSS Intrepid recently during the Navy@Vivo event. This is not my first time touring a Formidable class multi-role stealth frigate. I was on the RSS Steadfast 3 years ago during the Navy Open House.
The RSS Intrepid was recently deployed for counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden. During the tour, we get to find out how life is like onboard the ship during the 3 months mission. One interesting feature onboard the ship is a small room with 5 treadmill. From what I understand, that area is usually for storage of torpedo. But since there is no need to use torpedo against pirates, the area is converted into a mini gym with packed with as much equipment as possible. The crew told me that it is the most popular place to go when they are off duty.

The Missile Deck seems to be fully packed with equipments from the Gulf of Aden mission. I don’t remember the Missile Deck to be that packed onboard the RSS Steadfast that I visited previously. On the deck is a crane which is used to launch and recover the Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB). The RSS Intrepid carries 2 RHIB in its Missile Deck that is hidden from outside view.
The bridge was pretty crowded when I was there. The kids seems to love sitting on the Captain’s chair. Who knows, one of them might grow up to be the commander of a Navy frigate.
From the bridge, there is a clear view of some of the frigate’s armament. At the front of the frigate is a OTO Melara 76mm gun. The gun is capable of high rates of fire for anti-aircraft, anti-surface and ground shelling. The frigate is also equipped with MBDA Aster surface-to-air missile for air defense.
At the back of the frigate is a flight deck with a Sikorsky S-70B naval helicopter parked nicely for a great photo opportunity. We didn’t get to see naval helicopter during the last Navy Open House. The Sikorsky S-70B naval helicopter extends the frigate’s surveillance range with HELRAS dipping sonar that enables the frigate to conduct anti-surface and anti-submarine attack.
It is not everyday that you get to see a frigate parked at VivoCity Promenade. It is great that the Navy is making it convenient for everyone to tour the RSS Intrepid. Navy@Vivo is just one of the pre Navy Open House event. The Navy Open House will be happening in May this year. Can’t wait.

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