Star Trek promotion during Earth Hour

As part of the promotion for the upcoming blockbuster movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Paramount Pictures put up a huge glowing Star Trek logo over London using 30 LED-bearing quadrocopter drones. I’m not a Star Trek fan but I will be excited by their clever use of quadrocopter drones.

But here’s the only problem. They did it around Earth Hour. The quadrocopter drones flew into position before the start of Earth Hour and observed Earth Hour by turning off the lights for 1 hour. And to keep sync with Earth Hour’s initiative, the quadrocopters used batteries charged in Austria with green energy from the Austrian renewable energy grid.
Earth Hour is about raising awareness about the need to take action on climate change by encouraging households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour. It is not about adding non-essential lights and turning them off for one hour. This defeats the purpose of Earth Hour. And it’s Earth Hour. It’s a time to raise awareness about climate change, not an upcoming movie which everyone is going to watch eventually.
So thank you Star Trek for using this opportunity to promote your movie. I hope other companies don’t follow your footsteps and try to hijack Earth Hour for their own marketing activities.

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