Canon Launches “Try and Buy” programme for its lenses

Canon is now allowing its DSLR users to try out popular Canon lenses before purchasing them in the newly launched Canon Lens “Try and Buy” Programme. This is the first time a camera brand launches such programme in Singapore.
Lens group shot
The selected lenses currently available under this programme cater to a wide range of photographic genres such as portraiture and landscape photography. They include popular lenses such as the EF50 f/1.2L, EF70-200/2.8L IS II, and the EF8-15/4L Fisheye zoom. Canon will be looking into expanding the selection depending on the demand and popularity of this new programme.
For a nominal fee, interested users will get up to two full days (excluding pick up and return dates) to try out their lenses of choice. This allows users to try out the lens and make an informed decision before investing in the perfect lens to suit them. Participants of the programme who wish to own the lens model they have tried can enjoy a discount on the purchase of the extended warranty for the same lens model. The discount is equivalent to the nominal fee charged when they borrowed the lens.
This is a pretty interesting move by Canon. In the past, DSLR owners usually try out the lens by renting them from Camera Rental Shop before making the purchase. The pricing is roughly the same as most lens rental.
For full details and pricing of the lens, visit the Canon Lens “Try and Buy” website.


  1. Waa I wonder they are trying the new lens or a rental set? If new and can return that means the one i am going to buy new might be used by someone before and even drop before i also wont know. Good move. Canon boleh.

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