Microsoft Surface RT launching in Singapore soon?

It seems like Singapore will be getting the Microsoft Surface RT soon. Last month, Microsoft announced that the Surface RT will be available in Singapore in the coming months. That could be this month or next month.
But it seems like Challenger is getting ready for the Surface RT launch in Singapore. Their website now has a top banner for the Microsoft Surface RT. No pricing or actual launch date available on the website. Just product info and specs which most of us already know by now.
Then yesterday, posted this photo on their Facebook page. Yes, I know yesterday is April Fools’ Day. But I don’t think this is a joke.
So if everything is true, then the Microsoft Surface RT will be available in Singapore from 6 April 2013. If you are dying to try out the Surface RT, you can visit Challenger Funan on 5 April from 5:30pm.

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