Goodbye Windows Live Messenger

I don’t remember when did I switch over to MSN Messenger (That’s the old name for Windows Live Messenger). Like most of my friends, we moved to MSN from ICQ. And I also can’t remember why did we move away from ICQ. Was it becoming buggy? All I remember is that most of our friends are on MSN Messenger. So we all started using MSN.
I still remember the many late night MSN messenger chat with friends. Sometimes it is group chat. Sometimes it is just one on one. Sometimes it is with friends I seldom talk to. Sometimes it is with friends I last met few hours ago. Sometimes it is with girls I have interests in. Sometimes it is with girls who eventually became my girlfriend.
I realised that we could chat more if we just simply pick up the phone and talk. But it’s much more convenient to do text based chat on computer. You can multi-task like surfing net or chat with other friends while waiting for the other party to reply.
Adding new friends to your MSN Messenger is like adding new friends to Facebook back in those pre-Facebook era. Lots of friends were made using that simple instant messaging app. And enemies too. I’ve lost count on the number of times I laughed and cried because of just 1 application. Those were the days.
But as technology advanced, I find myself using Windows Live Messenger lesser and lesser. First it was Facebook and Twitter. Then came smartphones with messaging apps like WhatsApp. But I still login to Windows Live Messenger ever once in a while. Read the old chat logs and relive the good old days. And maybe a short chat with friends who are still online.
Goodbye Windows Live Messenger. Thank you for the great memories. You will be missed. Especially your notification sounds.

PS: In case you still don’t know, Microsoft is retiring Windows Live Messenger. All existing user will be migrated to Skype from 8 April 2013.

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