EOS Young Photographer Awards 2013

Award-winning National Geographic photographer, Joe Riis, was in town recently to promote the EOS Young Photographer Awards 2013. Jointly organised by National Geographic Channel and Canon, the contest calls all aspiring young shutterbugs between the ages of 13 and 25 in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia to submit their best photographs under the theme of “A Celebration of Colour.”
The coveted award will be presented to the photographer with the best photograph submitted to the region-wide contest, along with a grand prize that include a Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera with an 18-55mm IS II lens and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a National Geographic Photography Expedition where the winner will travel together with a National Geographic Photographer as an active participant on the trail, with countless opportunities to be surrounded by natural, cultural and social wonders which can be captured in photographs. The winner of the top three prizes will be determined by a panel of experts from both Canon and the National Geographic Channel.
The heart of this inaugural region-wide EOS Young Photographer Awards initiative between Canon and the National Geographic Channel is to inspire youths across Asia to take an active interest in the creative arts and know more about the science of photography. Through this contest, both organizations hope to encourage the young generation to discover and pursue their passion in photography.
In addition to the main contest, there will also be an award based on peer-judging. From 9 April 2013 to 3 June 2013, there will be a special colour theme posted on the EOS Young Photographer Awards website every two weeks. Contestants who submit a creative photograph based on that colour will be eligible to win a prize which will be determined by the number of ‘likes’ the photographer garnered. At the close of the contest, the entry with the most ‘likes’ overall, regardless of colour, will win the Voter’s Choice Award.
The Canon EOS Young Photographer Awards is open from 28 March to 3 June 2013. For more information, visit the EOS Young Photographer Awards website.
Oh well, I’m too old for this. Haha.

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