Changing WordPress theme

The worst thing that can happen to a blogger is to receive an email from your webhost at 3am in the morning informing you that your site has been disabled due to high server load.
Well, it got to be a mistake. I don’t get a lot of traffic in the middle of the night since most of my blog visitors are from Singapore. And I didn’t write anything controversial lately. The only thing that might cause a spike is the photos of Race Queens and AKB48. But I doubt they will cause high server load in the middle of the night.
Something must be wrong.
So after checking with my webhost, it turns out that my WordPress theme is causing the issue. But I’ve been using the theme for the past 1 1/2 years without issue. It is weird that the issue just suddenly appear. But I’m too lazy to argue with my webhost. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to change my WordPress theme for the longest time. This is actually a good excuse to force the procrastinator in me to do something.
It is never easy choosing a new WordPress theme, at least for me. After searching high and low, I finally found a nice looking theme call Tweaker4 by Arnold Goodway. Spend a few hours customising some of the stuff and there you have it.
It is a very simple theme with a header picture at the top. Kinda like the old theme that I had 1 1/2 years ago. This is just a temporary header picture until I find a nicer one. I love the fact that I can easily change the header picture.
OK, I’ll be tweaking the theme further over the next few weeks. But this will be the general look and feel of my blog for some time. Let me know if you like/dislike it. Now back to blogging…..

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