Iron Man 3

**Warning: Contains mild spoilers**
Although the last Iron Man movie was 3 years ago, the audience didn’t miss Iron Man that much because we’ve seen him in action in The Avengers last year. One thing I like about the Marvel superhero movies is that they are linked one way or another. Iron Man 3 picks up from events after the Chitauri in The Avengers with Tony Stark now suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.
We get to see more of Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit as he tries to overcome his post traumatic stress disorder while at the same time plays Sherlock Holmes in investigating an explosion which nearly killed his former bodyguard, Happy.
Iron Man fans will be happy to see the appearance of the Iron Legion, a army of armors with different unique capabilities to help Iron Man. I almost wanted to applause when the Iron Legion shows up in battle.
The Mandarin is disappointing as a supervillain. Maybe because supervillains before him like Loki and Whiplash looked far more impressive and created more havoc. I love the twist in The Mandarin storyline but honestly I wish he could create more trouble for Iron Man.
The War Machine has been given a new red, white and blue paint job and rebranded as Iron Patriot after a focus group studies. Like Iron Man 2, Rhodes wasn’t given much action scene. I felt that Rhodes and Iron Patriot is there for the comic relief. In fact, even Pepper Potts has better action scene than Iron Patriot.
As a whole, Iron Man 3 is a great movie. Funny dialog, smart storyline fill with action and Iron Man armor galore. What more can you ask for? (OK, maybe a better supervillain.)
Iron Man 3 is now showing in Singapore.
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It is worth noting that Robert Downey, Jr.’s contract with Marvel Studios expires after the release of Iron Man 3. Without giving too much away, the movie ended in a way that it could be the last movie for the Iron Man Franchise if Robert Downey, Jr. doesn’t extend his contract. But they could also make another Iron Man movie if they want to. And from the look of it, I think we will get more Iron Man action.

Oh, and as usual, remember to stay back for the end credits scene.

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