Chat Head on Facebook iOS app

I’m not a fan of the Chat Head on Facebook iOS app. Chat Head is an interesting feature on the new Facebook Home. Those who live inside the Facebook world and uses Facebook messaging a lot will love this feature. But unfortunately, not everyone depend heavily on Facebook messaging. For me, most of my friends contact me via WhatsApp or Twitter.
Chat Head make more sense on the Android OS where the Chat Head can appears outside Facebook app. On the iOS, Chat Head can only appear in the Facebook App due to iOS restrictions. If you want to get Chat Head everywhere, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. Which makes no sense at all. And when I’m in the iOS Facebook App, there is already a Chatbox button at the top which alerts me whenever there is a new message. So why would I still need Chat Head?
So I’ve decided to disable Chat Head on my iPhone Facebook App. It just makes no sense at all on the iOS platform to have Chat Head. Besides, the Facebook Messenger App is serving me well.


  1. How did you disable the chat heads? I cannot find the option, or anything about chat heads in settings on the facebook app, nor in ios settings.
    I really resent this screen blocking bs function.
    I’m running ios 6.1.2, jailbroken, on a iph5.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Henk Vries: Originally, it is supposed to be disabled once you disabled chat on your iOS. But it seems like either there is a bug or Facebook just refused to let you turn off Chat Head. I keep getting Chat Head now even though I’ve turned off chat.
    Sigh. Super annoying.

  3. I had chat disabled to begin with and it showed the Heads immediately. I’m guessing fb is refusing to disable this function. I know them for not doing what users want (like they keep setting your preference of ‘most recent’ in news feed back to ‘top stories’).
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I’ll check this page and blog after every update of the fb app, in the hope you’ve found something, as will I post if I ever do.

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