Tokyo City Symphony

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of Roppongi Hills, a renowned landmark of Tokyo, its developer, Mori Building Co., Ltd. has launched a sensational digital campaign Tokyo City Symphony as one of the main features of the anniversary project carried out under the theme LOVE TOKYO.
Tokyo City Symphony is an interactive website which users can experience playing with 3D projection mapping on a 1:1000 miniature model of the city of Tokyo. The miniature model of Tokyo used for this project owned by Mori Building Co., Ltd., is known to be one of the largest in Japan at five square meters. Each building was actually photographed and carefully handcrafted. This elaborative city model was used at a presentation to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) delegation in 2009, on the bid to host the Olympic Games. At the Tokyo City Symphony website, users can experience playing with 3D projection mapping on a massive piece of land at the heart of Tokyo, which would in real life, cover over 6,400 acres of the city.
The handcrafted model is an exact replica of the cityscape of Tokyo in every detail. Three visual motifs are projected onto the city in sync with music. Users can create beautiful harmony on the city by pressing the keys on the computer keyboard. Each key plays a different beat along with various visual motifs, creating over one hundred different sound and visual combinations. Each user is assigned a symphony score of eight seconds, of which could be shared via Facebook, twitter, and Google+. The numerous symphony scores submitted by the users are put together online to create an infinite symphony.

Tokyo City Symphony is just one of the various attractions planned for the celebration. Mori Art Museum will be showing “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – From Chagall toKusama and Hatsune Miku,” exhibiting the works by various artists including Yayoi Kusama and Hatsune Miku. Other fun activities include “Les Girafes,” a festive spectacle of eight meter tall giraffe puppets and a live performance by the French group COMPAGNIE OFF.

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