Google Now on iOS

It is here!!! Google Now is finally on iOS. And you might already have it on your iPhone or iPad if you have the Google Search App. Just go to the App Store and run the update if you already have the Google Search App. If you don’t have Google Search App, you should install it on your iOS device. Go to the App Store and search for “Google Search”.
Photo 29-4-13 11 07 21 PM
Photo 29-4-13 11 08 04 PM
For the uninitiated, Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that gives you recommendations based on your Calendar Schedule, Location, Search History etc etc. I’ve been waiting for Google Now ever since I saw it on my friend’s Android phone. It is great that Google has finally released Google Now for iOS. But of cos the iOS version is not as feature rich as the Android counterpart. But this is a good start.

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