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The wait is over. The Chromebooks have arrived Singapore after launching in Malaysia last week. There are currently 3 models of Chromebooks available: Acer Chromebook, HP Pavilion Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook. Nope, Chromebook Pixel is not available in Singapore yet.
The Acer Chromebook has a 11.6 inch screen and weighs 1.4 kg with up to 4 hours of battery. Suggested retail price for the Acer Chromebook is S$369
HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook
The HP Pavilion Chromebook is the largest of all 3 Chromebook with a 14 inch BrightView LED backlit display. Weighs just 1.8KG and have a battery life of 4.25 hours. Suggested retail price for the HP Pavilion Chromebook is S$449.
The Samsung Chromebook has a 11.6 inch screen and weighs 1.1kg with up to 6.5 hours of battery. Suggested retail price for the Samsung Chromebook is S$449.
All 3 Chromebooks are now available at Courts retails stores in Singapore. Unfortunately all 3 Chromebooks that are available in Singapore only comes with Wifi. No news on the 3G version yet.

OtterBox recently announced its new series of protective cases for the Samsung GALAXY S4, which offers the highest level of defense against even the most prolific drops, bangs, bumps and scratches.
The entire family of OtterBox cases for Samsung GALAXY S4 features four series. Each offers different levels of mobile device protection that suit varying lifestyles — avid rock climbers, leisure beach goers, fitness nuts, business professionals or on-the-go moms.
Besides the new Samsung GALAXY S4 protective case range, OtterBox also offers protection for other popular smartphones including HTC ONE, iPhone5 and many more.
If you are careless and always drop your phone on the floor or you have kids at home, consider getting a good protective case like OtterBox. Trust me, it is worth the investment.

The Hello Kitty craze is back. McDonalds Singapore will be launching the Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Collection from 30 May 2013. There are 6 different designs in this series.
The Wizard of Oz – 30 May to 5 June 2013
Little Red Riding Hood – 6 June to 12 June 2013
The Frog Prince – 13 June to 19 June 2013
The Ugly Duckling – 20 June to 26 June 2013
The Singing Bone – 27 June to 3 July 2013
Witch – Available from 30 May 2013 via McDelivery
Each Hello Kitty cost S$4.60 with purchase of an Extra Value Meal. Happy Collecting!

SingingBone Witch

Microsoft Surface Pro will be available in Singapore from 3 June 2013 at S$1,198 and S$1,328 for 64GB and 128GB respectively.
Unlike the Surface RT, Surface Pro is comparable to a full-blown Windows laptop with Intel Core i5 chip inside. This means that the Surface Pro can run Windows program as well as apps meant for the Modern UI. Surface Pro can do virtually everything that a PC can do, ranging from running desktop applications to world-class safety and security software. It’s like a fully functional PC that looks, feels and acts like a tablet.
The Surface Pro will be available at selected Challenger, Harvey Norman and Newstead stores, and will also be making an appearance at the PC Show 2013, which will be held at Singapore Expo from 6 to 9 June 2013.
By the way, Microsoft also announced that Magenta and Red touch covers will be available in Singapore from 3 June at $168. But I personally prefer the Type Cover which cost $15 more.

Here’s an interesting infographic from the good folks at Symantec.
One common belief is that if you don’t visit risky sites (like porn or illegal download sites), your computer is less likely to get infected. This is actually not true. Maybe it is true in the past. But hackers are smarter nowadays. 61% of malicious sites are actually legitimate websites that have been compromised and infected with malicious codes.