Will we finally meet the mother on season 8 finale?

OK, we all know that How I Met Your Mother will come to an end in season 9. So as we approached the season 8 finale, I can’t help but wonder…. will we finally meet the mother? Even the teaser promo seems to suggest that we might be seeing the mother.

OK, maybe we shouldn’t trust the teaser promo. How about Alyson Hannigan (Lily) interview with David Letterman? She said that we won’t need to wait till the last episode of the series to meet the mother. Does that mean that the mother will appear on season 8 finale? Or somewhere in season 9?
Come on. Please let us know who is the mother!
Here’s my guess. I think they will reveal who is the mother at the last moment of season 8 finale. It’s going to be those thing where they just show you the face of the mother for 1 second and roll credits. What do you think?
Well, we will find out in 12 hours time……

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