The new Flickr

Yahoo announced a major revamp of its popular photo sharing site Flickr recently. First and foremost, Flickr Pro account has been dropped. Instead of the 200 photos limit for free account, everyone get 1TB storage space.
This is a great move. In the past, I’ve been telling my friends that Flickr is useless if you don’t get the Flickr Pro account. It is very easy to reach 200 photos. The new scheme means that users can upload a lot more photos without the need to pay. Instead, Flickr is earning money via advertisements on the page. Users who need more space can sign up for doublr service priced at $499.99 a year which gives users additional 1TB of extra space.
Users can also pay $49.99 per year to get rid of advertisement on their Flickr page.
The user interface has also been refreshed. Completely. And like most major UI changes, you’ll hear a lot of people complaining. For me, I think it wasn’t that bad. I kinda like the new Photostream. But I don’t really like the interface that shows my contact’s photos.
So what do you think about the new Flickr?

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