Jurong Point 54hr Triathlon

Jurong Point is having a 54 Hours Triathlon this weekend to celebrate their 18 anniversary.
Total of 24 teams of 4 taking part in the Triathlon. During this 54 hours, participants need to stay awake for an intensive and exhilarating combination of three 18-hour segments of movie-watching, dancing and gaming. Jia You!
The winning team will walk away with $18,000 cash and other attractive prizes.
This is no easy task. Imagine staying awake for 54 hours, watching movie while sitting on the floor. Follow by 18 hours of dancing and 18 hours of computer games. I wonder how many teams can last the entire 54 hours. If you are nearby, do pop by Jurong Point to cheer the participants. The mall will be open throughout the 54 hours.

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