It's pronounced "JIF" not "GIF"

It’s time we put an end to this debate. How do you pronounce Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)? Some says it is pronounced with a hard ‘G’, like “GIF”. Other says it is pronounced with a soft ‘G’, like “JIF”.
Well, it is pronounced with a soft ‘G’. Yes folks, it is pronounced as “JIF”. Why? Because the inventor of GIF, Steve Wilhite, said so. And I think it is fair to say that if you are the inventor of a popular image file format, you have the rights to say how to pronounce it. He even use a GIF to remind us it is pronounced as “JIF” when accepting the lifetime achievement award at The Webby Awards recently.

Get it? It’s pronounced as “JIF”. End of debate. Sorry White House, you are wrong this time.


  1. I hold all respect for his invention, its awesome, but this debate is stupid…
    Also it’s pronounced “graphics” not “jraphics” i.e. hard G not soft G, so shouldn’t that be the driver for the acronym?
    I also just want to ask him if he pronounces it Jraphics????

  2. Boz: But GIF is not a word. It’s an acronym. There’s no English rules on how you should pronounce an acronym. So if the founder of the file format say soft G, then it will be soft G.

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