In case you still don’t know, Google will be shutting down Google Reader from tomorrow, 1 July 2013. Well, it is not too late for you to backup everything you have from Google Reader, export them to another trustworthy RSS reader and pray that they won’t shut down suddenly.
Credits to Google for making it easy to backup and archive all the data you have with them. Simply go to Google Takeout and download everything you have on Google Reader. (You might also want to take this opportunity to backup all data you have with Google) Google Takeout will export all your Google Reader data and put them into a zip file. Most RSS reader out there should be able to accept that zip file when you want to import your Google Reader data.
Actually, you don’t really need to go through Google Takeout to export your Google Reader data into a zip file. Most RSS Readers like Feedly and Digg Reader are able to import your Google Reader data directly by giving them your Google login. Moving from Google Reader to another RSS Reader is a breeze. In fact, I done my move within less than 5 minutes.
If you are using Flipboard and have an account with them, Flipboard will save your RSS Feed from Google Reader so that you can still access them after 1 July. The best part is that if you already have a Flipboard account and you have signed into your Google Reader, you don’t need to do anything. Everything will be saved.
It is still sad to see Google Reader go away. It is a great too and I love using it. Going to take a while to get used to using other RSS reader like Feedly or Digg Reader.
Goodbye Google Reader. You will be missed.

Google Reader
7 October 2005 – 1 July 2013


More than 21,000 turn up at Speakers’ Corner yesterday for the annual Pink Dot event. Participants turn Hong Lim Park into a sea of pink light by forming a pink dot using torches and mobile phones.
Looks like we need a bigger Hong Lim Park. Organisers tried applying for permit to use Promontory at Marina Bay this year but was rejected by URA. Subsequence application for part of North Canal Road to be closed was also rejected by Traffic Police.
This is the 5th year Pink Dot is being held in Singapore. Pink Dot is a non profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. Last year, more than 15,000 people turn up at Hong Lim Park.

Let’s hope someday everyone will have the freedom to love. Let’s hope someday they won’t be discriminated.

The popular WeChat just released a new version for BlackBerry OS 5, 6 and 7. WeChat 2.5 now integrates with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
The new version now enables users to add their BBM friends to their WeChat contacts with a simple click. The app also allows users to share their WeChat IDs in a BBM conversation with the built-in menu selection.
Users can text each other, swap voice messages with a “Hold to Talk” feature, as well as share images, music, and videos with WeChat. Sharing images on the BlackBerry just got a lot easier too as the new WeChat 2.5 allows users to upload multiple pictures, view and zoom in on pictures they like in full screen.
WeChat 2.5 for BlackBerry also features the popular “Shake” location-based service, enabling users to contact other people around the world simply by shaking their device and starting to chat.
WeChat 2.5 for BlackBerry is free and available now on the BlackBerry World.

Huawei was named Vendor of the Year by the Asia Communications Awards for three consecutive years, and received recognition under the awards’ Project of the Year category for its innovative LTE solution in Malaysia.
Huawei’s project with Maxis in Malaysia using an innovative LTE RAN sharing solution earned the company its Project of the Year Award. Traditionally, LTE sharing has only been implemented between two operators but Huawei’s multiple network sharing architecture addresses more complex product and deployment requirements and uses a single multi-operator core network to efficiently deploy LTE. The solution allows up to four operators to share the same infrastructure to enhance cost savings. Designed based on reliable and proven products, Huawei’s experienced delivery team was able to test, integrate, and complete the project successfully within a tight schedule.

Jack Whitton, a UK based Security Researcher, discovered a flaw in Facebook’s text messaging system. Instead of exploiting the flaw, Jack reported the error to Facebook. And for that, Facebook rewarded him $20,000. The huge reward shows how serious the flaw is.
The bug allows a hacker to spoof Facebook’s text message verification system into sending a password reset code for any account, thus giving hacker access to any account in Facebook. Facebook has since fixed the bug. If you are interested, visit Jack Whitton’s website to find out more.
Facebook is not the only site that encourage developers to report flaws to them. Many companies like Google and Microsoft also have similar schemes. The rewards amounts varies depend on the severity of the flaw.
It is lucky for Facebook that the flaw was discovered by a white hat hacker. Can you imagine the damage if someone exploit that flaw for malicious purpose?

Oh boy, the McDonald’s Hello Kitty craze is back. McDonald’s Singapore started selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty, the last Hello Kitty in the Fairy Tale series on 27 June 12 midnight.
I heard that the queue started as early as 8pm at some McDonald’s restaurants. I passed by Jurong Spring McDonalds at 11:45pm and the queue was crazy.
Photo 26-6-13 11 44 26 PM
At the end of the day, there are a lot of unhappy Hello Kitty fans because not everyone managed to get the Kitty. Just take a look at their Facebook page and you’ll know what I mean. Actually I feel sorry for McDonald’s Facebook admins.
Something I don’t understand. Why are people complaining when they can’t the Hello Kitty toys. These Hello Kitty toys are limited edition. Of course it will be sold out very quickly. And actually most of the buyers aren’t actually Hello Kitty fans. There are a lot of people buying the Hello Kitty to resell it at a profit. I see people selling the Singing Bone Hello Kitty at $50. Crazy. But hey, there are people willing to pay that amount to buy it. That’s why the situation get worse. When there are people willing to pay such high amount for the Hello Kitty, you’ll get more people buying it to resell. So if you don’t want this to happen, tell all your friends not to buy the Hello Kitty toys from these resellers. You’ll only encourage them to queue up next time when Hello Kitty returns.
Some people said that McDonalds should bring in more Hello Kitty. But how many more can they bring in? They already brought in 40% more Hello Kitty compared to last year. How much more should they bring in? Even if they bring in 100% or 200% more, the Hello Kitty will still be snapped up by resellers. There is never ending.
So the only solution I can think of is everyone stop paying high price to buy from resellers.
No point getting upset or angry just because you can’t get the complete Hello Kitty set. Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes you just have to accept it. Don’t end up like the person in the video.

I feel sorry for the Police Officer. He joined the Police Force because he wants to serve and protect. Not resolve your petty Hello Kitty queue dispute.