#FreeMyInternet – How to take part?

By now, you should have heard about the new licensing framework by MDA to regulate online news sites with significant reach. Last Saturday, a group of bloggers and sociopolitical websites announced that they will be organizing a 24 hour website blackout on 6 June 2013 (Thursday) and a protest at Hong Lim Park on 8 June 2013 (Saturday).
Here are 5 simple ways that you can take part in the #FreeMyInternet protest.
1) Sign the Petition for the immediate withdrawal of the Licensing Regime. The petition is also calling the Ministry of Communication and Information to undertake a complete review of all media regulation in Singapore, with the aim of ensuring that the constitutional rights of Singaporeans are not violated.
2) Change your Facebook Profile Picture and Cover to the FreeMyInternet banner. If you are on Twitter, change your Avatar to the black Free My Internet Avatar.
3) If you have a blog, take part in the 24hr online blackout on 6 June 2013 (Thursday) from 0001 hrs to 2359 hrs.
If you host your own WordPress Blog, you can use the FreeMyInternet WordPress plugin. Go to your Dashboard/Plugins/Add New and search for “FreeMyInternet” plugin.
If your blog is on WordPress.com or Blogspot, follow the instructions here to Blackout your blog.
4) Join the protest at Hong Lim Park on 8 June 2013 (Saturday), 4:00 – 7:00pm. Several bloggers and sociopolitical writers will be speaking about the new licensing framework and how it will affect the future of Singapore.
5) Help spread the words. Tell your friends/families/colleagues about the new licensing framework by MDA and what they can do to stop it. Share the information on your Facebook and Twitter.
For more informations and latest updates, follow the FreeMyInternet Facebook page.

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