What happen to the Media Literacy Council?

10 months ago, MDA announced the formation of the Media Literacy Council. The role of the council is to spearhead public education on media literacy and cyber wellness, and advise the government on the appropriate policy response to an increasingly complex and borderless world of media, technology, consumer expectations and participation.
A lot of people were against the Media Literacy Council when it was announced. Personally, I think it is good to have such a council to educate the general public on cyber wellness and advising the government on Social Media matters. I thought they could give the Government a better insights of the local Social Media scene and help them make better judgement when crafting laws and regulations.
But after looking at the new licensing framework by MDA, sad to say, I think the Media Literacy Council (MLC) has failed.
Did MDA consult the Media Literacy Council before implementing the licensing framework? If they did, then why didn’t the Media Literacy Council advise them not to do it? If they didn’t, then what’s the point of having a council to advise the Government?
And with all these big hoo-ha going on, all we get is the deafening silence from the Media Literacy Council. What is the Media Literacy Council’s stand on the new licensing framework? If they are against it, why didn’t they speak up on behalf of the bloggers in Singapore? If they support the licensing framework, then why aren’t they doing their job in educating the public on why there is a need for such a licensing framework?
Where is the Media Literacy Council?

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