Sony SRS-BTV5 NFC and Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve been using the Sony SRS-BTV5 NFC and Bluetooth Speaker for almost 2 months and I’m loving it.
The Sony SRS-BTV5 is a small and lightweight wireless speaker shaped like a ball. The ball shape design allows an even 360 degrees sound distribution. Bluetooth pairing between Sony SRS-BTV5 and your phone is easy if you have a NFC phone. Simply place tap phone on the top of the speaker and you are connected in no time. We’ve seen this kind of NFC assisted Bluetooth pairing before and it is great to see more company using it. I’ve tried the NFC pairing on both Sony and non-Sony Android phones and they all work like magic.
But don’t worry if you don’t have a NFC phone. You can always use the traditional Bluetooth pairing method. The Sony SRS-BTV5 has a battery life of 5 hours. It uses the same MicroUSB charger that most phones are using. When a call comes in, just press the answering key and the music will fade and you can take the call hands-free.
Sound quality wise, the Sony SRS-BTV5 is pretty decent if you are not a audiophile. The compact size makes it great for carrying around and sharing music with your friends.
The Sony SRS-BTV5 NFC and Bluetooth Speaker is available in Singapore at a recommended retail price of S$119. Comes in black, white, blue and pink colours.

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