The haze is back… AGAIN

The haze is here again. The PSI Index hit 155 yesterday at 10pm, the highest level since 2006.
It is the same old story happening again and again. Fire from Sumatra combined with wind blowing the haze towards our direction. It seems like there is nothing we can do besides praying that the wind direction to change.
This is not the first time the haze is happening. It happens every year. I just cannot understand why Singapore and Malaysia cannot pressurize Indonesia to do more about the fire in Sumatra. No point calling Indonesia only when the haze is here. We need to find a way to reduce and prevent the haze.
And since Vivian Balakrishnan is no longer having coffee Low Thia Khiang, why not have coffee with his Indonesia counterpart and discuss how we can prevent the haze from happening every year.

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  1. Getting frustrated w the haze in Singapore! Went out last night and I choked. Everyone choked!
    Who’s to blame for the haze? I’ve just blog bitch about it!!
    NEW POST: Haze Worsens in Singapore – Who’s To Blame? Apparently Singapore and Malaysia too.

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