Facebook hashtag and why I hate it

Facebook is slowly rolling out hashtag to all its users as we speak. It is no surprise that Facebook launched hashtag to all users. We heard about plans since early this year. But a part of me wished they didn’t do it.
Hashtags are great on Twitter. It made Twitter a lot more useful when paired with search and trending list. In fact, a lot of brands like to use hashtag for their Twitter campaign. We saw a lot of advertisements having their own hashtag during the Super Bowl 2013. Maybe that is why Facebook wanted to copy hashtag from Twitter.
But Facebook is not Twitter. The reason why Facebook and Twitter still co-exist is because they both serve a different needs. I wouldn’t go Facebook to find breaking news and follow real time event. Maybe Facebook want their users to use the platform for breaking news. But that will just make the social network more messy. And Facebook is not as searchable as Twitter. This made Facebook not so useful when come to finding more information about breaking news. And there is no trending list on Facebook too.
But perhaps the biggest problem with hashtag on Facebook is that it can be easily abused by people and companies. On Twitter, you are limited to just 140 characters. This made Twitter users and brands think carefully before using a hashtag. But on Facebook, a status update limit is 60,000 characters. Can you imagine how many hashtag a page admin can put on their posting?
Here’s an example. And I’m not even close to hitting the 60,000 characters limit.
Of course we can have guidelines for Facebook users and page admin to follow. But asking a marketer to restrict themselves to 2 to 3 hashtags per post is like putting a kid in a room full of candies and telling him not to eat them.

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