The haze might get worse

The PSI Index hit 190 at 8pm today, making it the worst haze reading since September 1997, when PSI peaked at 226. And it might get worst based on the Regional Haze Map by NEA.
I hope I am wrong here. But it seems like the wind is blowing the dense haze towards Singapore. If that is true, then the haze might get worse.
Here’s a photo of Singapore Central Business District that I took today afternoon. Looks pretty bad.
Photo 19-6-13 6 32 19 PM
It is interesting to note that until now, the Indonesia Government still didn’t reveal the companies behind the fire. I believe if the Indonesia Government name those company, the general public can pressurise them to do something about the fire. Why is the Indonesia Government protecting the identity of those companies?
And even though Singapore offered assistance to put out the fire, the Indonesia government still refuse to accept any foreign assistance. Is it ego issue or they want the fire to continue burning?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Update at 19 June, 9pm: PSI Index is now 290. Highest ever recorded in Singapore.

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