Singapore behaving like a child?

Warning: Long rant ahead.
I was damn pissed off when I saw the news article about the Indonesian minister saying that Singapore is behaving like a child.

“Singapore should not be behaving like a child and making all this noise,” Agung Laksono, the minister coordinating Indonesia’s response, told reporters. “This is not what the Indonesian nation wants, it is because of nature.”

Firstly, I think Agung Laksono needs to go back to elementary school. The forest fire is not nature. It is man made. If Indonesia school can’t give the minister good education, feel free to enroll into one of the schools in Singapore.
And Singapore is not behaving like a child. We are voicing our concerns and urging Indonesia to do something about the recurring issue. This is not the first year such thing happen. Instead of admitting that the Indonesia Government failed in preventing farmers from practicing slash and burn, Agung Laksono behaved like a child by shifting the blame. Shame on you. And shame on the people who voted for you during election.
Agung Laksono has forgotten that Singapore is always among the first to render assistance to Indonesia whenever Earthquake or Tsunami strikes. Has he forgotten about the Aceh during the 2004 Tsunami, Nias Island during the 2005 Sumatra Earthquake, 2006 Central Java Earthquake and Padang City during the 2009 Sumatra Earthquake? Singapore is always there to render Indonesia assistance during disaster. Now Singapore just need you to act fast put out the fire in your forest. Are we behaving like a child?
Let me tell Agung Laksono what exact does behaving like a child look like. Behaving like a child is when the people of Singapore gather outside your Indonesia Embassy in Singapore to protest. Behaving like a child is when we burn your Indonesia flag in anger. Behaving like a child is when Indonesia get another Earthquake of Tsunami and Singapore refuse to render any humanitarian assistance.
So unless we do those thing, don’t you come say we are behaving like a child. We have been very good to you. Singapore (together with Malaysia) have given Indonesia too much time to resolve the slash and burn. If Agung Laksono can’t solve the issue, then maybe he should resign and let a more capable person take over. Don’t waste Indonesian taxpayers’ money.


  1. Agung Laksono. See He is a founder of the now defunct and multiple-crash Adam Air. “The Asia Times says Agung Laksono didn’t invest any of his own money into the airline, instead using money available to him through his official government position. This gave him the unfair advantage of receiving heavily regulated licenses and airport landing rights. ”
    There you go. Pity the Indonesians who has such a Minister of “People’s Welfare” while his people are burning their lungs away. Don’t waste your precious air with such scumbag.

  2. Indonesia burn on their on own land. That is their rights to do whatever they want to do on their own land. It affects Singapore because of wind which is nature and nobody can control that. The wind is air and air is the space and that space which contains air, doesn’t belong to anybody. It can jolly well blanket Jakarta or the sea or Singapore or Malaysia. It is nature. That is a fact.

  3. I wonder how much he is being paid by the Oil Palm companies for taking care of their “welfare” as their Minister. This is Indonesian politics for you.

  4. By the way, Singapore actually asked for this rebuke. Remember it draging it’s feet on the extradiction treaty for all the corrupt Indonesian super rich and the corrupted money. I guess it’s pay back time.

  5. Indeed pity the Indonesian for having such a minister for “people’s welfare’. Wonder what he will say if the haze envelope Jakarta?? And how he will feel if his loved ones are suffering from haze induced health problems.

  6. “…Agung Laksono has forgotten …”
    Charity is charity. Do not expect it to be remembered.
    Otherwise it is not charity at all but assistance with bondage.
    We are behaving like kids! Its smoke and the winds blew it here.It happens in Canada, Australia, USA, France.. etc.
    We criticise elitism yet we have an elitist attitude in this instance. Just because we are accustomed to air conditioning, and pseudo 1st world life.
    Deep down in our unconsciousness, we are very kampong as kampong as our neighbours, Starbucks and Ferraris do not transform from 3rd world to 1st.
    Its the breeding.
    Lets not pretend that we are some swiss highland town.

  7. Humanitarian assistance has indeed been rendered and that is praiseworthy. However, human dignity has not been recognised when members of the female Indonesian population are treated almost like slaves by many households in Singapore. This indulgence in economic inequality props up Singapore’s economy in many ways. It is not particularly neighbourly. So if Indonesia wants to burn its own land to prop up its economy, how is it that Indonesia needs to be more neighbourly? Just as Singaporeans employing maids is the cheapest form of domestic aid and child care all rolled into one, slash and burn is the cheapest way for Indonesia to clear lad. The Market can never be wrong, can it?

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