Planning to use your Credit or Debit Cards when traveling oversea? Well, come 1 October 2013, you will need to contact your bank to activate them first. This is because all local banks will be disabling the magnetic stripe on their Credit and Debit cards. This move is to protect the card holders since data encoded on the magnetic stripe cards can be easily copied.
There will be no issue while using your Credit and Debit Cards in Singapore since all merchants have began using the EMV chip on the Credit and Debit Cards. However some merchants in countries like Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK and Malaysia may not accept Credit and Debit Cards with EMV chips. This means you will need to contact your back to activate the magnetic stripe before traveling.
Some banks might be implementing the deactivation earlier than 1 October. HSBC will be disabling of the magnetic stripes in August. DBS Bank and Standard Chartered will implement the new measures by September 22 and September 30 respectively.
Looks like we have one more thing on our travel checklist to do before traveling oversea.

Hasbro is having a warehouse sale this weekend at Bishan Community Club. Starting from Friday, 2 August 2013, the 3 days event will see toys and games like Star Wars, Transformers and Nerf on sale.
Oh, and if you are there, you can also pop by the new Starbucks at Bishan Community Club. Yes, Bishan FINALLY got a Starbucks. Rejoice Bishanean! Or is it Bishanese? Or Bishanian? Oh well, you get the point.
Update: If you are heading down to the Hasbro Warehouse Sale, do be prepared for long queue.

Electronic Arts announced recently that it has secured licensing agreements with 19 of the top football clubs from Brazil for the upcoming game FIFA 14. This will ensure that each club will feature the authentic club crest, kits and players in-game.
In total, FIFA 14 will feature over 30 leagues, more than 600 clubs, and 16,000 players.
FIFA 14 will be launched on 24 September 2013.

Here’s a geeky romantic story. A guy hacked the popular 1980s video game Contra to add wedding proposal message at the end of the game. He did it by dumping the ROM, hex edited the file, flashed it to a new ROM chip and soldered it all back together. He also personalize the game by changing Player 1 & 2 to their names.
Luckily for him and his girlfriend, they managed to complete the game. Those who have played Contra will remember that it is not exactly the easiest game to play back in those time. Even with the cheat code that give you 30 lives, sometimes it is still difficult to complete.
And of course she said yes….