Google Streetview goes to Hashima Island (The abandoned island in Skyfall)

Remember the abandoned island in the James Bond movie Skyfall? That fictional location was actually based on a real place — the island of Hashima off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan. Due to its unique flat shape, the island is most widely known in Japan by its nickname Gunkanjima — aka “Battleship Island.”
Hashima Island is a small island just 480 meter long and 150 meter wide located about 15 km off the coast of Nagasaki. The island was populated from 1887 to 1974 as a coal mining town. By 1959, the population reached its peak of 5,259, making it the most densely populated area on earth. The island was shut down and abandoned in 1974 due to the decline of coal industry.
Hashima island was reopened to tourists in 2009. The island has transformed into an eerie tourist destination where you can see a once thriving town decaying and totally devoid of life. Apparently, Hashima’s buildings are deteriorating so rapidly that you can hear parts of the concrete collapse as the wind blows from the ocean.
With the assistance from Nagasaki City, Google is able to capture 360 panoramas of Hashima island onto Street View. The Google Trekker is able to go beyond the cordoned off areas for tourist and into off limits paths around the island. Google also uses their Business Photos technology to give the world a peek into the abandoned buildings, complete with ancient black-and-white TVs and discarded soda bottles.

Check out Hashima Island on Street View now.

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