We are not Keyboard Warriors

We are not Keyboard Warriors.
Keyboard is just a tool for us to communicate. We observe and we talk about issues that we feel deeply about. If there is something wrong or something that can be done better, we use our keyboard to bring public attention to the matter. When people start circulating photos of the Tampines accident, we use our Facebook, Twitter and blog to ask everyone to stop doing that. When someone make a racist remark online, we speak up for our minority fellow citizens. When some white dinner event say that local food is not high quality enough, we defend the honour of our local cuisine.
But we don’t always stay behind the keyboard. When we see a badly written regulation or white paper, we organise and make our voice heard at Hong Lim Park. Not once, not twice but three times this year. When needed, we will step forward and take action. The Green Corridor and Save Bukit Brown are just few example of initiatives started by people behind the keyboard. These are not Keyboard Warriors. These are people who deserves our respect.
We are bloggers. We are netizens. Not Keyboard Warriors. We are also Singaporeans. We love Singapore just like everyone. It is disheartening to see a minister resort to name calling on his Facebook page. What have we done wrong to deserved being called Keyboard Warriors? We may view things differently but end of the day, we all have one common goal. That is to make Singapore a better place.

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