Despicable Me 2 sticker now available on Facebook Messenger app

Remember those cute little yellow minions from the movie Despicable Me? Well, now you can use their stickers on your Facebook Messenger app on iOS and Android.
Photo 2-7-13 3 42 05 PM
These stickers are based on the new Universal film Despicable Me 2 coming to Singapore theaters on 4 July. This is the first time Facebook launched a branded sticker pack for the Messenger app. It is reported that Universal film did not pay Facebook to have the sticker pack in the Messenger app. It cost nothing for users to download the Despicable Me 2 sticker pack.
Well, this could potentially be a new revenue generator for Facebook. Many other chat clients are earning money by selling Stickers. Line, another popular chat app, earned $17.6 million in revenue from selling stickers to users in Q1 2013 alone.
Facebook could create beautiful stickers and sell them to users. But I don’t think Facebook will concentrate on that. Facebook can easily earn more money by getting companies pay to have their sticker on Facebook Messenger.

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