The Lone Ranger

Those born before the early 80s will most likely remember The Lone Ranger. A masked ex-Taxas Ranger who fights crime and injustice in the American Old West together with his Indian friend Tonto and his trusty horse Silver. These characters have become an icon in the Wild West.
I was kinda excited when I found out that Walt Disney Pictures is doing a remake of the popular 1950s TV Show. You know it is good when it is brought to you by the team behind “Pirates of The Caribbean”. And with Johnny Depp playing Tonto and Armie Hammer playing The Lone Ranger, you can be sure this is going to be a great action comedy film. Even the horse Silver provides audience with lots of laughter.

Fans of the Lone Ranger will love the movie. The writers made several reference to the original Lone Ranger like playing the William Tell Overture during the action scene and the famous “Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!”.
The Lone Ranger is now showing in Singapore.

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