Flashlight powered by body heat

Forget about solar powered flashlight. 15 year old Canadian high school student Ann Makosinski designed and built a flashlight powered solely by body heat. Her Hollow Flashlight secured her a finalist slot in the 15-16 age group of the Google Science Fair.
The LED flashlight uses tiles that generate electricity from the differences in temperature. The tiles are fixed to the outide of a hollow tube so that when held, one side of the tile is heated by the warmth of the hand and air flowing through the hollow tube cool the other side. The electricity generated by the temperature differential help power the LED light.
The Hollow Flashlight cost around US$25 to produce. But it will definitely be cheaper if mass produced. The Hollow Flashlight would be good for emergency use.

I love it when she said “Human are great source of untapped thermal energy”. Haha. Cool. I wonder if we can also tap human thermal energy for other purpose like charging mobile phone.
PS: It is worth noting that she got second place at the Vancouver Island Science Fair. I wonder what project got first.

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