Ultraman Ginga

There is a new Ultraman. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Ultraman franchise, Tsuburaya Productions is releasing a new Ultraman, Ultraman Ginga (Ginga means Galaxy in Japanese).
Looks pretty cool.
Ultraman Ginga premiere on 10 July 2013 and will have a total of 11 episodes plus two specials. The first six episode will air from July to August 2013. The remaining 5 episodes will air from November to December 2013. The two specials will air in September and spring of 2013.
In the new series, all the Ultraman and Monsters have been turned into dolls by a mysterious power. The dolls are scattered across the universe. A young boy by the name Hikaru found the Ginga Spark that empower him to return the dolls to their rightful size. Sounds like a convenient way to promote the toys during the show.

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