Steam apologise for putting Civilization V: Brave New World on Sale

In case you don’t know, the annual Steam Summer Sale is here. Lots of great games going on sale. Just the other day, I saw Tomb Raider on 75% discount and Bioshock Infinite on 50% discount. Very tempting offer.
Well, then there are some games that are not supposed to go on sale was mistakenly put on sale. Someone accidentally put Civilization V: Brave New World on 33% discount on the day that it was launched worldwide. That naturally pissed off those who pre-ordered the games months ahead.
Steam has apologised for the error and gave all customers who pre-ordered Civilization V: Brave New World a copy of Civilization IV.
OK, now what should I do with a free copy of Civilization IV?


  1. Michael: Sure. You should see it in your email. Let me know when you get it. (I’m a noob. This is my first time sending gift on Steam.)
    Have fun. And thanks for lurking. Cheers.

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